Get Employees On-Board with the Right Foot First

February 28, 2018

An employee’s first week at their new company is arguably the most important one that they will have in their organization. This is a week that will leave an everlasting impression of a company or at least it should leave an impression that will last. It’s the week that will set the tone for their relationship with their new employer. It’s an employer’s chance to capitalize on making a great impression that will make an employee feel special from day one. For an employer to make a great impression they will need to have a strong onboarding process.

A great onboarding process is organized, efficient, productive, clear, interactive, and memorable. First, you will need to create an organized schedule to help guide and stay on track throughout the day. It’s always great to include breaks and a team lunch so they can properly meet the rest of the team. It can be a challenge gathering, compacting, and presenting a large amount of information on the first day. A great way to do this is to create an employee orientation to present information about the history of the company, policies, values, goals, culture and any other information that's important to know about the company. You will want to have solid training material that will properly train new hires to succeed.

It’s also great to set up a fun interactive team building activity to team outing to serve as an icebreaker. It could be simple as playing board games or going to dinner or lunch at a great local restaurant. Don’t forget to make their desk look special with some company merchandise such a shirt, mug, water bottle, laptop stickers etc. After their first week, it’s always beneficial to either provide a survey or ask the new employee directly how onboarding went. This will help with future onboardings, utilizing the previous feedback to improve future onboarding.

Always try to add something creative and unique to your onboarding experience that will set it apart from other companies. To create a great employee onboarding experience always stay true to your company values and remember to integrate them into your onboarding experience.

~Josh W. Dodson, Founder and CEO