HBO’s Silicon Valley: Funny Because It’s True!

July 3, 2018

Silicon Valley has always been a leader in developing innovative company cultures. We’ve all heard tales about the lavish offices with nap pods, food fit for a queen, game rooms and beer on tap.

When HBO created their show based on Silicon Valley, it was an absolute hit, especially in the SV, in major part because the concepts they parody are spot on. In watching this newest season, I’m seeing that they’ve continued their trend of being spot on the hottest topics in Bay Area businesses: Culture.

The very first scene of the first episode of the new season (spoiler alert) shows the Pied Piper employees revolting in response to their CEO’s terrible choice of office space. They make a comments like “our new employees won’t be coding, they’ll be having panic attacks.” Highlighting environment as a key lever for productivity.

Here are some key principles I learned about the imperative nature of Customer Success that absolutely apply to Culture Success as well:

The next episode focuses on the challenge of how to unite two teams that consolidated through acquisition. It parodies the fact that when teams aren’t on the same page, catastrophes happen. When people don’t feel wanted or appreciated, they deflate. When people don’t collaborate, we multiply the work.

So don’t get caught being an on-its-way-to-antiquated Hooli, catch on to what people care about today, and what is a renewable source of fuel for employee output: culture!

~Serra Hetzel, Head of Culture Consulting