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Funny Because Its True

July 3, 2018

Silicon Valley has always been a leader in developing innovative company cultures. We’ve all heard tales about the lavish offices with nap pods, food fit for a queen, game rooms and beer on tap...

Culture Success is the New Customer Success

April 23, 2018

In today’s economy, it’s no longer contested that Customer Success is of paramount importance to the longevity and success of any business that a.) has a subscription model b.) relies on referrals or...

Why Does Company Culture Really Matter?

April 2, 2018

Getting on the same page: When I say culture, I mean the set of values a company agrees upon and uses as guiding principles for their actions, and I also mean the personality or the “vibe” of the organization. These two things impact each other a lot.

Get Employees On-Board with the Right Foot First

February 28, 2018

An employee’s first week at their new company is arguably the most important one that they will have in their organization. This is a week that will leave an everlasting impression of a company or at least it should leave an impression that will last...

A Message from Our CEO

October 3, 2017

People always ask me why is company culture so important? Company culture consists of the evolving sets of beliefs, values, and attitudes of an organization. Culture acts like glue for the company, aligning employees with company values...